E-Toll Registration & Benefits

Are there benefits to getting tagged?  

  1. Registered road users qualify for the monthly cap and discounts.
  2. The monthly cap is applicable per vehicle, provided the transaction is paid within the grace period.
  3. The time-of-day discount percentages for the different vehicle classes and the early payment discount applicable to alternate users remain unchanged.

Vehicle class

A1            Motorcyles R153.00
A2            Light motor vehicles R276.00
B              Small heavy motor vehicles R1 073.00
C              Large heavy motor vehicles R3 556.00

What’s needed to use the fast toll lanes?

Cut down travel time at selected SANRAL-operated toll routes using your e-tag. You will see the specially allocated and marked SHESHA lanes, exclusive to e-tag users.

  1. Register an e-toll account
  2. Install your e-tag
  3. Make sure your e-toll account is up to date

The e-tag technology will work at all gantry passes within the Gauteng road network. It also allows the use of your e-tag as a method of payment at most toll plazas across South Africa.  Save time and get your destination quicker. As a tagged user, you are automatically opted-in for this benefit, without having to do anything extra.

N3 Mariannhill Toll Plaza
N1 North Toll Route (Capricorn, Kranskop, Nyl, Sebetiela and Baobab toll plazas).
N17 Toll Route (Gosforth, Dalpark, Denne, Leandra, Ermelo and Trichardt toll plazas).
N1 South/R30 Toll Route (Grasmere, Vaal, Verkeerdevlei and Brandfort toll plazas).
N2 South Coast Toll Route (Oribi, Umtentweni and Izotsha toll plazas).
All toll plazas on the N1/N4 Bakwena and N3 Toll Concession (N3 route) toll routes.
N4 TRAC Toll Route (Donkerhoek, Cullinan, Diamond Hill, Valtaki, Ekandustria, Middelburg, Machado and Nkomazi toll plazas).
N2 North Coast Toll Route (Tongaat, Mvoti and Mtunzini toll plazas). 

Want to get tagged?

  1. Simply go to the SANRAL website
  2. Visit an e-toll customer service kiosk located at various malls 
  3. Stop and sign up at a kiosk along the freeway network 
  4. Conveniently phone the e-toll Call Centre on 0800 SANRAL (726 725)
  5. Buy an e-tag at you closest retail outlet

Have the following information with you when you register:

* Valid ID or passport
* Physical and postal address
* Contact details
* Account payment details,  or choose the easy top-up option to manage your account yourself
* Vehicle licence plate number, make and model

If you have an e-tag, remember to link your tag to your SANRAL account.
Your convenient e-tag is a click away. Register or log into your SANRAL account now

For more information regarding your e-tag set up or e-toll account, please phone the Call Centre on 0800 726 725

Do you suspect your number plate has been cloned?

  1. Download the representation form from the SANRAL website
  2. Submit the form and the supporting documentation 
  3. Report the incident at your nearest police station
  4. Send the representation form to SANRAL via registered post or submit it to an e-toll customer service centre. You will receive an SMS confirming receipt

After 30 days SANRAL will contact you and let you know if your application has been successful.

For more help and advice, please contact the e-toll Customer Service Centre on 0800 726 725, email or visit your nearest Customer Service Centre

How to update eNaTIS?
To check or change your personal information, visit your nearest licensing department and take proof of residence and your ID book with you.
It is your responsibility to ensure that eNaTIS is updated with your personal information. By law you have 21 days to do this.

Do you suspect your number plate has been cloned

For more help and advice about your e-toll debt, contact e-toll Customer Services on 0800 726 725, email or visit your nearest Customer Service Centre