Get to know about e-toll Facts

Fact – Over 200kms of lanes are planned for Gauteng freeways, with upgrades for over 400kms of road and 158kms of new roads.  Has this been wasteful expenditure and an irrational project upon which to embark?  To date only Phase 1 of the GFIP (Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project) has been completed, with all further developments on hold due to the public outcry over tolling.  Focus in the news has shifted the conversation away from the benefits and real consequences of the GFIP project.  Stories have concentrated on issues such addressing the Fuel Levy and trying to find holes in system, rather than on what the GFIP project stands for: improving our roads, thereby improving the lives of our people, creating job opportunities and facilitating South Africa’s economic growth.

Fact – Without e-tolls there won’t be good roads to sustain Gauteng’s economic growth and to maintain our position as the economic powerhouse of the country and of the continent.  We won’t be able to give people the roads they need to get to work – on time or at all, in many cases.

The process of public consultation and the communication around GFIP was not visible enough, and ETC understands why many Gautengers feel aggrieved by this.  The fact is that ETC is not at war – in war there are no winners and there are no resolutions.  The truth is that, as SANRAL’s collections partner, ETC is committed to South Africa and to the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project.  

Will South Africans let this project collapse, the key objective of which is to improve the daily lives of all our people, whilst alleviating the daily stresses of traffic and building roads that give direct access to new industrial developments and get people to work on time? Here are the real facts about e-tolls, because, as citizens, we at ETC believe in a prosperous South Africa.